Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Latin American Music

While there is some really great music from Latin America, to be 100% honest I don't listen to it all that much. But there are a few artists that I've discovered while living here in Chile that I really love, and listening to their music is a great way to practice Spanish. It's also a fun way to learn more about Latin American culture, since music is such a big part of life here. So here you can find some of my recommendations:

Ana Tijoux

I have to start off with Ana Tijoux because she is by far my favorite Spanish-language artist that I've discovered so far. She's a Chilean artist who grew up in France because her parents had fled the Pinochet dictatorship after the military coup in 1973. Her story is a political one, and so is her music - a lot of her lyrics cover social and political issues. The style is kind of pop/hip hop and I find it really versatile. It feels like each song really stands out and has a fun and interesting style paired with intelligent lyrics.

Bomba Estereo

Another one of my favorites, Bomba Estereo is a Colombian band with a cool pop/folk kind of feel and a lot of energy. Their music is great for dancing to and some of the quieter songs are good for relaxing and chilling out.

Los Bunkers

I don't know this band as well as the others, but they have some fun songs and one of their music videos in particular (you can see it below) is really cute and has some great cinematography. They're pop/rock music, really fun and good for dancing.

Soda Stereo

If you can't already tell from their hair, this is an older Argentinian band from the 80's, with some pretty amazing music videos (amazing in the sense that they could not possibly look more like an 80's band). But their songs are still really popular in Chile today and you can hear them everywhere from at parties to on the radio in the taxi to the background music at the gym. They're considered a classic for a reason; their songs are still really fun to listen to today.

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