Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Week Down In N'awlins

Last month my dad had a business conference in New Orleans, a place I'd wanted to visit for a long time, so my sister, nephew and I decided to tag along for a week-long vacation in Louisiana. 

New Orleans is about an 8 hour drive from Dallas, so we packed into a rental van and road-tripped it down south. It was interesting for me to see how the geography changed as we went eastward; eastern Texas was much greener and hillier than where we live, and that eventually gave way to bayous as we got closer to New Orleans.

Our hotel was the Four Corners Sheraton right on Bourbon Street. In our ignorance, we didn't realize till we got there just what that meant. I've been to Kabuki-cho in Tokyo and the Vegas strip, but it's hard to find so much concentrated sleaziness all in one small place like you do on Bourbon Street. You'll bypass mounted policeman, hordes of drunk tourists flashing each other to get more beads and hookers dressed in pleather every color of the rainbow as you attempt to bar-hop (or just get to your hotel, like in our case.) There were bars that crunched underfoot and actually dripped on me. The key to having a good time on Bourbon Street seems to be getting so drunk you stop noticing the slime.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A-Kon 24

Despite the fact that I only had two months to prepare after returning from Japan, I somehow managed to put together a very complicated costume in time for A-Kon, the Dallas anime convention. I blame this madness on my sister Rose, who talked me into it. The costumes we made were from an MMORPG called Atlantica Online. Our friend Arika, of the blog Mega Geeks, Inc., came down from Portland to go to the con with us. It was awesome hanging out and cosplaying with her again.

The week before the con is when we usually go into last-minute panic mode. Everything must be finished in a short amount of time and this time our con week was especially grueling. Arika was a life saver and helped Rose with finishing her costume and despite an all new record high of sleep deprivation we managed to get everything finished just in time for the con.