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A month in Vietnam: Part 7 - Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island was the final stop on our month-long journey through Vietnam, before we all headed home via Hanoi. The island is located in the north of Vietnam near Hanoi, and is right next to the famous Halong Bay, which is considered one of Vietnam's most beautiful landscapes. A lot of people stay in the small city nearby and take boat cruises through the bay, but if you have more time, choosing to stay on Cat Ba Island may be a much nicer experience.

The island is accessible by ferries, which you can buy tickets for in Hanoi or possibly other areas nearby. We were able to arrange a bus and ferry through our hostel in Phong Nha. Once arriving on Cat Ba, you board a second bus which takes you into the main town on the island. 
Since it was the last part of our trip we really wanted to just take our time on Cat Ba and relax before heading home. Anna and I even splurged on a fancy private room in a hotel, which was totally worth the money after weeks of night buses and shared rooms. M…

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