Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Plans for the New Year

My very first glimpse of Japan, in March 2010
This coming March will be my 3-year anniversary in Japan. The time has flown by, but oddly it feels like I've been here longer than just three years. So much has happened during that time: I settled into life in Sendai, explored Tohoku, became an aunt, improved as a teacher, survived a 9.0 earthquake, visited many famous places, climbed Mt. Fuji, moved to Tokyo, backpacked through Hokkaido.... and so much more. Perhaps best of all I learned a lot about myself and my own culture, and made a lot of wonderful friends. 

The unforgettable view of the sunrise on Mt. Fuji
Meeting my nephew James
Some of my favorite Eikaiwa students
Japan, and Sendai especially, feel like my home-away-from-home. I moved around a lot growing up and lived in a lot of very different places, which gives me a special appreciation for the places that I really love. Cities are like people, they have unique personalities and there are some you like and some you don't- and some you can't help falling in love with.