Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Job Hunt

Up until pretty recently my job hunt has not been stellar. I've had a couple disappoints already, due to the bad economy. The first of these occurred last fall.

I graduated in June of 09 from Portland State University in Oregon, and the year leading up to my graduation I started my hunt for a teaching English position in Japan. I was mostly only considering the large eikaiwa at the time. Eikaiwa (英会話) are private English schools. Some of the largest are Aeon, its sister company Amity, Geos and until recently Nova. (Nova went bankrupt in 2007- you can read about ithere. I was also primarily looking for jobs on a website called Gaijin Pot. While a great site in some aspects, the job listings tend be divided into two categories: jobs with big Eikaiwa, and jobs for smaller schools with no visa sponsorship available (which means you have to already live in Japan and have a valid working visa).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Maura's Obligatory Self-Introduction Post

So the other night I was up late job hunting before I went to sleep, and that night I had a dream. It was Christmas, and I was unwrapping a present, which turned out to be the game of Life. I opened it to discover that it wasn't exactly the game I played as a kid. Normally you travel across America in your minivan collecting children, right? But my game board had countries from all over the world and famous landmarks and cool places that I would love to see.

And that's what this journal is about. That's what I want my life to be about.