Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm sorry to say that the crazy workload, traveling for the holidays and life in general basically destroyed my will to blog these past few months. But better late than never to get back into it again, right? First of all, some very important and exciting news!

As of this March, it will have been two years since I came to Sendai. It has been an absolutely amazing, crazy, unforgettable experience. My contract with my school will soon be coming to an end, and I will be starting a new job as of March 21st. The new job will be as an English teacher for a kindergarten in Chiba and I will be living in Tokyo near the Ueno area. I am so excited about moving and starting a new job; living in Tokyo will give me a wide variety of new places to explore in and around the city and will make it a little easier to travel during my last year in Japan.

I am sad to be leaving Sendai of course, especially the amazing community of friends that I've found here. I've been really lucky to share this experience with so many great people. But as sad as I am to go, I know that I will have plenty of opportunities to meet my Sendai friends this coming year. Tokyo is not so far away, after all.

And now, here is a photographic history of what I've been doing these past few months:

Went to see the kouyou (fall colors) in Yamagata Prefecture.

Kenna and Hio came to visit me in November!

Made an illegal bonfire with my UK friends to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night
Organized and ran the Halloween and Christmas parties for my school

Forced my Jr. High student to be Santa

Visited my family in Dallas for Christmas this year
Spent some quality time with my nephew, James, teaching him about the important things in life.
Went on a Texan safari!

See more pics from my travels here.

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