Monday, May 16, 2011

Japanese Artists: Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano is one of my favorite Japanese artists. He's most famous for his fantasy illustrations and character designs, especially for Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D. His style is unique and instantly recognizable, with an interesting mix of Western and Asian influence. His characters have an androgynous, ethereal beauty, with shockingly pale skin that often stands in sharp contrast with a brightly colored or dark background. 

I think that Amano's style perfectly suits the fantasy genre. There is something so inherently "fantastic" about his use of color, contrast and landscape. Looking at his art really makes me feel like I've caught a glimpse of another world. 

Vampire Hunter D

The Tale of Genji

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy V

Other Fantasy Works 

The Death of Elaine, from the Arthurian Legends (aka: The Lady of Shalott)

A collaboration with Neil Gaiman for Sandman

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  1. I'm looking at that Final Fantasy IV mural. Who's the big guy in the middle? I figure the one on the left is Zemus, and the one on the right is Golbez, but I can't figure out the middle character, the guy holding out his left hand and letting sand fall between his fingers. Thanks.